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  • St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

    Working on this original pen & watercolour painting of St. Peter's Square, The Basilica and the Vatican, brought back distant memories of schoo...
  • Sunny Days In Wicklow

    Ross was out painting in the sunshine over the June Bank Holiday weekend, basking in the heat and brightness that came with it. As we reach midsummer, and the longest day of the year, there is a flurry of colour and activity in nature and within ourselves. 

    Ross's artwork from the past week certainly reflects this. His "Dream Race" painting depicting sail boats gracefully sailing on a glittering ocean, with beams of sunlight shining down upon them, was painted outdoors over the long weekend. 

  • Lovely Landscapes

    Ross has been busy painting breath-taking landscapes over the past few months, taking on some of the most-loved scenic spots in Ireland and the UK, from Benbulbin to the Lake District and Ireland's much-loved Glendalough.
  • Buying Original Irish Art Online

    Although born in Lancashire in the 1930's, Ross has lived in Ireland for more than 50 years now, and capturing the Irish landscapes, culture and architecture of his adopted home has been a central and repeating theme throughout his artistic career. 

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  • January 2023 - New Artworks

    What has Ross been working on so far this year? Watercolours, watercolours and more watercolours. Like this beautiful painting of the Old Course at St. Andrew's, Scotland.

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  • Happy New Year, 2023

    Ross was busy painting and creating throughout 2022. The result is a wonderful, exciting collection of new works that we have to share with you, like this show stopping Westminster watercolour painting, with its wonderful tongue-in-cheek title ("Westminster Chaos"). 

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