Sunny Days In Wicklow

Ross was out painting in the sunshine over the June Bank Holiday weekend, basking in the heat and brightness that came with it. As we reach midsummer, and the longest day of the year, there is a flurry of colour and activity in nature and within ourselves. 

Ross's artwork from the past week certainly reflects this. His "Dream Race" painting depicting sail boats gracefully sailing on a glittering ocean, with beams of sunlight shining down upon them, was painted outdoors over the long weekend. 

"Dream Race" (2023), original artwork by Ross Eccles

One of Ross's most enduring subjects, he has often painted sailboats on the ocean. With their magnificent sails, Ross always goes in with a wonderful sense of free movement, colour and texture in every one of his sailboat series. 

The most recent addition of "Dream Race" (2023) is no exception. Rich in colour it captures the passion and heart of ocean racing at the height of the summer. Beautiful, dramatic and full of spirit. 

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