Lovely Landscapes

Ross has been turning his paints to landscapes lately, and has painted a collection of breath-takingly beautiful landscape scenes from well-known and much-loved spots across Ireland and the UK. 

Glendalough (2023)

All the landscapes have a hint of the traditional, but with Ross's sense of movement, texture and rich colour layered on to create unique pieces that are bursting with energy and vibration, giving us a sense of just how special these spots are in the hearts of many. 

Windermere, from Loughrigg (2023)

From Yeat's towering Benbulbin in County Sligo, to Wordsworth's romantic and beautiful Loughrigg in the Lake District, Ross has captured the rugged natural scenery of these places in his own unique way - giving us something to contemplate and enjoy as we take in the beautiful scenes, colour and energy. 

Benbulbin, Sligo, Yeats Country Ireland Original Irish Art

Benbulbin, Co. Sligo (2023)


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