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I have always been keen on art, and can remember that passion to create being present even during my early school days. By my late teens, one of my paintings was chosen for inclusion in the Lancashire Artists Annual Exhibition at the Harris Art Gallery in Preston. Since 'artist' wasn't really considered a career option at this time I decided to study architecture, firstly at the Harris College and later at the Birmingham School of Architecture where I qualified as an Architect. Following this, I went on to practice architecture in England and Canada, before settling in Dublin in the early 1970's. Ireland has since been my home.

I retired from architectural practice in 1991 in order to pursue my lifelong dream of dedicating myself full-time to painting and developing my creative ideas. It was a leap of faith at the time, with a young family to support, but when you go with your gut things often turn out quite well.

Since then I have never been far from my paints and tend to paint quite prolifically. At first I worked mostly in pen and watercolour and, then gradually moved towards oil, then acrylic paint on canvas, as my style became looser and more abstract. I like to think of my art as "happy" art, painted for the sheer hell of it!

Hopefully, it will resonate with you and provoke some kind of wonderful reaction or emotion. I have been grateful to have a loyal tribe of supporters and collectors who have shared their feedback and their joy over the years, and I'm pleased to have my art hanging on walls across the Globe. In past years I enjoyed travelling a lot and have exhibited numerous times in Ireland, the UK, France and California, taking part in exhibitions, events, talks etc. 

These days you are more likely to find me at home in Co. Wicklow, enjoying my grandchildren, busy working on concept designs and painting in the garden. 

If you would like to know more about me why not get in touch, or pick up a copy of my book 'Ross- A Journey Into Art' to read more about my life, travels and artwork. 

Best wishes, 


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