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  • Have you checked out Shannon Superhighway?

    Since 2015 Ross has been working on a number of number of local, regional, national and international concept and development ideas in relation to flood defences, infrastructure improvements, port concepts etc.

    His work led him to create and publish a concept's website called Shannon Superhighway, which intended to bring some of Ross's visual presentation of the Project, first started in 2015, to a wider audience.

  • New Website For 2021

    It's been a joy to launch a new website for Ross in 2021! The new site allows collectors and fans of Ross's work the opportunity to buy his art directly and easily online, to purchase digital gift cards for loved ones or to pick up a copy of the book on his life and works that we put together a few years ago.

    Read more about the site launch and our plans for 2021. 

  • My First Car

    Just Imagine four young people in their mid 20's, walking into a car showroom  in 1962 and asking for a test drive in an immaculate Rolls Royce. 

    The Rolls ran on petrol.....lots of it! But it was the start of a new adventure and friends were always ready to chip in to fill the "beast"... a girl-magnet according to them!

    Regular salutes from policemen and first-class service in filling stations, restaurants and at social events was an unexpected bonus.

  • Supporting The RESPECT Charity

    The Respect Charity is holding a Charity Ball & Auction Event at Fitzpatrick's Hotel, Killiney, Co. Dublin on the evening of Saturday 26th January 2019.

    Ross is thrilled to be supporting this fantastic charity again.

    This year he is donating for auction, a framed painting of Blackhall Place, which is the Law Society's Headquarters in Ireland. 

  • Ross's School Book Drawings

    In 1949, Ross entered the "A" Class at Clitheroe Grammar School after passing his 11+ Exams.

    He already had an interest in Art and Architecture, much influenced by his father Frank, who had no opportunity to become an architect, but sketched on a regular basis. Ross's interest was further encouraged by his art teacher who also gave "History of Architecture" classes to those with an interest in the subject.

    The drawings below are examples of Ross's work taken from his schoolbook.

  • Gra Children's Charity

    A Golf Classic in aid of the Charity was held at Powerscourt Golf Club on the 27th May 2019.

    We are delighted to confirm our long-standing support for the Charity and are very pleased that the "Trinity College" painting managed to raise a substantial sum for the Charity on the day!

  • Reminiscing in Amsterdam

    I last visited Amsterdam on a couple of occasions in the early 1960's. But that was on a Triumph Tigress Scooter over 55 years ago. The Rijksmuseum hasn't changed a lot since those days and the new Stedelijk Museum is well worth a visit to those interested in modern art. However, the major difference is in the number of people who thronged what I remember as empty streets. With cyclists everywhere, I needed eyes in the back of my head to stay safe.