Have you checked out Shannon Superhighway?

Since 2015 Ross has been working on a number of number of local, regional, national and international concept and development ideas in relation to flood defences, infrastructure improvements, port concepts etc. 

He began working on these concepts after seeing the catastrophic effects of the River Shannon flooding first hand. The disaster prompted Ross to question why  measures had not been taken to address the problem. He also questioned why depopulation of the Irish Midlands was taking place, when the Shannon area has potential for commercial navigation on the scale of European rivers, such as the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Seine, Rhone etc.

The River Shannon Ireland

A professional artist since 1991, Ross has an artist's inherent ability to visualize the whole picture. He then focuses on refining detail, drawing on his previous international experience as an architect. His questioning, and enthusiasm for art and conceptual design, led to countless hours of research.

His work led him to create and publish a concept's website called Shannon Superhighway, which intended to bring some of Ross's visual presentation of the Project, first started in 2015, to a wider audience.

Remembering the wise advice of his Professor of Architecture, the late "DJ" (A. Douglas-Jones 1910-2002), "Ideas remain dreams unless presented in graphic form". 

Ross continues to expand this website to include more of his graphic ideas. If you love development concepts, engineering, architecture, then be sure to check out Ross's Shannon Superhighway website and also his LinkedIn where he likes to get conversations about urban and rural development started.