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  • Ross's Love Of Nature

    Ross has always been drawn to the natural World, from his hobbies of birdwatching, camping and exploring the natural World to his many illustrations and works of birds, fish, landscapes and the sea. 

    As the World now begins to yearn to reconnect to our own soulful natures - both the nature within us, and the nature around us - we suggest that you take a look at some of Ross's nature-inspired artworks in the NATURE COLLECTION

  • Reminiscing in Amsterdam

    I last visited Amsterdam on a couple of occasions in the early 1960's. But that was on a Triumph Tigress Scooter over 55 years ago. The Rijksmuseum hasn't changed a lot since those days and the new Stedelijk Museum is well worth a visit to those interested in modern art. However, the major difference is in the number of people who thronged what I remember as empty streets. With cyclists everywhere, I needed eyes in the back of my head to stay safe.