New Website For 2021

It's been a joy to launch a new website for Ross in 2021! The new site allows collectors and fans of Ross's work the opportunity to buy his art directly and easily online, to purchase digital gift cards for loved ones or to pick up a copy of the book on his life and works that we put together a few years ago. 

Ross has been busy painting throughout the pandemic, finding it a source of freedom and fun, painting at home in Wicklow and especially enjoying painting outdoors now that Spring has returned.

Throughout the coming months, we are planning to fill the site with more incredible and unique artworks, giving fans access to his amazing catalogue of work, and to have it as a place where he can share his thoughts and ideas through the blog. 

For the first time, you can now buy his paintings easily online and we are able to ship them quickly and safely around the world with UPS and DHL. 

We really hope you love the new site. If you have any questions or queries please visit the FAQs page or you can also send Ross a message or feedback through the Contact Page. You can also follow Ross on Instagram and LinkedIn to see more works and ideas. 

We look forward to a progressive and fun year ahead as we cultivate and grow the site. Watch this space!