Ross's Love Of Nature

Ross has always had a deep love and connection to the natural world around him. It was apparent from childhood when one of his favourite hobbies was watching the many birds that lived around him in the hedgerows and trees on the small country lanes of Mellor, in Lancashire. 

Buttermere and Crummock from Haystacks Painting, 2019

For years he enjoyed sketching the different birds, observing them and learning about each one. As he became a teenager he enjoyed taking long cycling trips, both alone and with friends, around the UK - going south to Cornwall and Devon, and north to the wilds of Scotland. 

As a student he bought a scooter and explored Europe on 2 wheels, sometimes camping out in the wilderness, fishing and foraging. 

Ross Eccles Original Landscape Artists

His love of nature has remained life long and constant, and you can see it clearly in the subject matter he chooses for his art and his frequent posts to Instagram. As well as the beautiful architectural and city scenes that he paints, the natural world also draws him over and over again, with his affinity for painting birds, fish, dogs and other animals, as well as his wild and abstract landscape and sea scenes. 

As the World now begins to yearn to reconnect to our own soulful natures - both the nature within us, and the nature around us - we suggest that you take a look at some of Ross's nature-inspired artworks in the NATURE COLLECTION