Mixed Media Original Contemporary Art Piece by Ross Eccles Ireland


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Satellite (2017) - Original multi-medium artwork by Ross Eccles 

Size & Type

208 x 112 cm (82 x 44 inches) - A mixed media concept piece. 

About the Artwork

Ross set about constructing this unique multi-canvas artwork in 2017. He says that he had no fixed vision when he started and that the artwork "just developed" into its final three dimensional form as he progressed. 

Firstly, Ross screwed a series of 17 deep edge canvases together. Comprising 15No. 10 x 10 inch, 1 No. 12 x 12 inch and 1No 20 x 20 inch canvases. Next he attached a canvas board panel and pieces of mountboard to create a three-dimensional effect.

Ross says that the acrylic painted surface treatment of the canvases, represents a "city" confined with city walls (the thick black line). The random shapes outside the black line represent "satellite towns" within "greenbelt lands" and the profiled mountboard pieces represent "buildings".

Ross says that his training as an architect must have had some subliminal influence on the final outcome of this quite unique work!