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Ironbridge (2023). Original artwork by Ross Eccles.

Size & Type

39cm x 23cm. Watercolour on Langton Paper.

About the Artwork

Ironbridge is part of a beautiful valley town, with stunning views of the River Severn, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, close to Telford Town Centre in Shropshire.

It houses so many quaint buildings and monuments to the birth of the Industrial Revolution that it has become a world-famous iconic town, and tourists flock here to take in the scenery and marvel at the bridge structure that gives the small town its name. 

This beautiful monument stands as one of the greatest symbols of where the Industrial Revolution started. Tourists have flocked here since 1779 to marvel at this extraordinary structure, the first iron bridge erected, that dominates the small town that takes its name. 

Ross says

"I saw an image of this bridge and it brought back memories of a recent visit to Ironbridge.

The Staffordshire Village of Ironbridge is located in a River Severn Gorge. The bridge, a Unesco World Heritage Site, was opened in 1781. It was cast in iron at Abraham Darby’s revolutionary iron foundry at Coalbrookdale nearby, which has a claim to be the “birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”.

I first visited as a student of architecture in the 1950’s. The process of smelting iron ore with coke to produce cast iron was then explained to us students in some detail".