Four Courts Dublin - Watercolour Painting by Irish Contemporary Artist Ross Eccles

Four Courts Dublin

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Four Courts Dublin, 2020 by Ross Eccles

Size & Type

Original artwork, 35.5 x 25.5cm, Watercolour and Ink on Artist Paper

About The Artwork

The Four Courts in Dublin is a prominent architectural feature on the busy, industrious Quays in the very centre of Dublin. It's where Ireland's Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the Dublin Circuit Court are based. The buildings were constructed in the 1700's, based on the designs of Architect Thomas Cooley. Much of the buildings were destroyed in the civil uprising of 1922, when they were occupied by Republican forces, but were rebuilt and restored, opening again in 1932 and remains standing today. The façade still shows bullet holes, which were deliberately left as a reminder of the buildings troubled and complex history.

Ross has painted The Four Courts many times during his career, often from different angles and views. Always capturing the spirit, history and architecture of the buildings with skill.