Match Day, Ewood Park

Match Day, Ewood Park

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Match Day, Ewood Park (2023). Original artwork by Ross Eccles.

Size & Type

26cm x 18cm. Watercolour on Cotman.

About the Artwork


Ewood Park is home to the Blackburn Rovers Football Team, who have played Footfall on the site since 1881 and were founding members of the Footfall and Premier Leagues. 

The stadium has undergone much renovation and change over the years, and is still a popular mecca for Football fans in the area. Ross, having played at the grounds himself as a child, here captures the stadium in his inimitable pen and watercolour style. 

Ross says

"I played on the Blackburn Rovers Ground in 1949 in a schools’ football league final. I happened to score the winning goal and we won the “Thornton Shield” (I still have the old “Four Lane Ends School” team photo). I have always been a distant supporter and this prompted me to look at a series of old photo’s of the Ground. This work is a compilation of old images. I have deliberately kept the image dark as a reminder of the old days when Blackburn was blackened with soot and grime!"