Fond Memories & Football Stadiums

We love the fun and sentimentality of two of Ross's most recent watercolour paintings - "Match Day, Ewood Park" and "The Hawthorns, West Bromwich Albion". 

Both paintings have been created side by side in 2023, with Ross painting "Match Day, Ewood Park" first. Ewood Park is home to the Blackburn Rovers, a team that Ross has casually followed over the years as he once played at the grounds and the team was situated close to where he grew up in Mellor. 

"Match Day, Ewood Park" 2023 original art by Ross Eccles

The painting is in Ross's wonderful, energy-filled watercolour style, full of colour and atmosphere. Of the painting, Ross says "I played on the Blackburn Rovers Ground in 1949 in a schools’ football league final. I happened to score the winning goal and we won the “Thornton Shield” (I still have the old “Four Lane Ends School” team photo). I have always been a distant supporter and this prompted me to look at a series of old photo’s of the Ground. This work is a compilation of old images. I have deliberately kept the image dark as a reminder of the old days when Blackburn was blackened with soot and grime!"

Having painted Ewood Park, Ross then went on to paint another football stadium, this time The Hawthorns of West Bromwich Albion, of which one of his dear college friends is a fan. 

"My Birmingham College friend David Barton is a supporter of this football club team. So after completing the “Ewood Park” pen & watercolour, I thought I would look over photographs of the old “West Brom “ stadium and came up with this interpretation".

The Hawthorns West Bromwich Albion Stadium Painting Original Art

Both paintings are in Ross's detailed pen and watercolour style, where his training as an architect is evident, and then brought to life through the careful and skilled application of watercolour. Bright, energetic and full of life and character. 

Two paintings that are sure to be admired and loved by in-the-know Football fans. 

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